Learning Essentials of NetEnt Return to Player

  • Jan 19, 2021

The return to player is an important factor that influences the potential winning of a slots player. Slots are merely a game of luck; hence it does not boil down to your strategies in reducing the house’s edge like in blackjack. The main strategy is finding the offers on high return to player rates especially at netentcasinos .

What is Return to Player?

Return to player forms part of a number that offers the probability of the likely sum which you can get. The sum is in terms of return for all the bets over some time in a game available at gael-toutain. There's an assumption that it is not easy to get lucky through a single spin and land the jackpot.

The jackpot throws out the numbers. It is applicable over a while with a number of large spins; hence the more you play, the higher the return on the bets. The approach provides a theoretical number for each spin made. As a new player to a site, you should, therefore, choose a casino that offers high return to players.

  • Refers to payout percentages
  • the higher the RTP, the higher the money for player
  • Covers all bets in a game

When taking an example, imagine the slots game you have chosen has a return to player rate of 95%. This is a profitable slot for a new player. With time, the total number of the bets can add up to a total of $1000. When applying the return to player rate, you will expect a total of $950.

Do Free Play Games Have Similar RTP as Real Version?

Yes. They are similar to the real version games. For instance, you can try out any of the NetEnt games for free. As a player, you land a good chance of getting a sense of the gameplay before moving on to real money wagering. At NetEnt, it ensures there is similarity throughout with the money games.

What's the Difference Between Return to Player and Hit Frequency

Return to Player is basically the percentage of wagered money which pays back to players over time. In simpler terms, the Return to Player rate presents a flip side to the house advantage. On the other hand, hit frequency refers to how often the slot machine stops on a winning combination at the casino.

How to Choose the Right Slot with a High RTP?

The main aim of this strategy is selecting a game that fits your bankroll. It also boils down specifically to your personal preferences. In case you want a chance at slots, you should be willing to go for the high Return to Players rates for large winnings. You should balance with a series of small wins.

  • Target small wins
  • Balance your bankroll

Are the RTP Standard in a Casino for All Games?

No. With such a figure, it forms a casino-wide average. All part of the wagers and the payouts for all machines in the casino are based on calculating as part of a single average. As part of the gaming, board reports RTPs can be broken down into the coin denominations with the casino average.


How to Maximize Your Return to Player

Start by looking at the payout percentages present in the various slots for the casino offers. In case the information is not present, search the RTP of each game online. Ensure you play the slots at the respective casinos. In case a game has a high betting limit, it means the higher to return to player.

Everything You Need to Know About NetEnt Return to Player